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A Community Development Podcast from
the Federal Reserve


Access is a podcast from the Federal Reserve System’s community development function. Community development teams across the 12 Federal Reserve districts conduct outreach and research on issues faced by low- and moderate-income households to help ensure that anyone from any background has access to opportunity and the mainstream economy. We started this podcast to spotlight community voices and to showcase program models that are helping create economic security and mobility for underserved populations.

Join us as we ask community members and organizations across the U.S. about challenges they face and solutions they’ve found for important social issues.

The information and views presented in this podcast do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Federal Reserve System and do not constitute an endorsement of any organization or program.

September 2018

2. Access to Local Food Systems as a Rural Economic Driver

Find out about an organization that bolsters regional agricultural enterprises to create jobs in rural areas.

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June 2018

1. Access to Job Success

Learn about a holistic workforce development model that improves employee engagement, retention and advancement opportunities.

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Stay tuned for more episodes.
May 2017

4. Access to Healthy Neighborhoods

Hear about an organization that works with residents to build healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods.

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March 2017

3. Access to Next-Stage Growth for Small Businesses

Find out about a data-driven small business development program that helps revitalize communities.

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February 2017

2. Access to Community Ownership

Learn about a resident-led co-op ownership model for manufactured home communities.

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December 2016

1. Access to Affordable Consumer Credit

Hear about an innovative small-dollar loan program that provides an alternative to payday lending.

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Access: A Community Development Podcast from the Federal Reserve showcases successful program models that address important social issues like economic mobility, neighborhood stabilization and community reinvestment.

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Host and producer:
Molly Hubbert Doyle, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Sound editor:
Adam Koudaih, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Graphic designers:
Emily Rogers and Olu Eseyin, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
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Brian St. John, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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